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Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) is the process of capturing carbon dioxide (CO₂) that is formed during industrial processes and power generation and converting it into polymers. With this technology, facilities can eliminate almost all of the CO₂ they produce and truly achieve zero-carbon emission-based processes.


According to the Global CCS Institute’s 2019 Status Report, plants that are currently in operation or construction can capture 40 million metric tons of CO₂. Currently, there are 51 large-scale Carbon capture facilities under construction or in operation.

In line with the Paris Agreement Climate Goals 2050, 5.6B tons of installed CCU capacity is needed by 2050. Enervoxa is accelerating technology development to pave the industry’s path to Zero Carbon Emission Based Economy by consultation and project design.

The Technology opted by Enervoxa has remarkable efficiency and cost effectiveness with respect to the market norms. Our end to end process ensure minimum environmental footprint and minimize the utilization of the (CO₂). An integrated suite of solutions to capture, process and monitor CO2 emissions produced from fossil fuels.

Paris Agreement climate Goals 2050

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