Water Desalination Purification

Mechanical Oscillation

New water purifying and seawater desalting technology is based on a hydro-wave method, which has never been used in this area of activity before. Physical processes based on hydrodynamic modes created in an aquatic environment in combination with the exposure of the electromagnetic fields, make favorable conditions in a purifying solution for water evaporation many times faster than in any other known case.

For the first time in the world practice, the purification and desalting of the aquatic environments from the suspended particles and soluble substances are being carried out only due to hydrodynamic effects with the influence on the water by sources of the mechanical oscillation.


– Seawater desalination

– Purification and disinfection of water from wells and open water to norms

– Water treatment in drinking water systems;

– Purified water for all kinds of technological purposes;

– Clean water for domestic, sports and recreation and therapeutic purposes, with the possible closure of the water cycle;

– Boilers and heating systems; 

– Food industry;

– Organization of the oil and gas producing complex: purification of water from public or private sources of water supply and purified water to flooding of oil reservoirs;

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How Does it Work

Raw water goes into the Circulation Make-up Tank (CMT) designed to adjust the required pressure necessary for further operation of the system and maintain the necessary amount of source water and for recirculation and flotation of water. If it is required, a dirt filter will be installed before CMT to avoid getting into process pumps large solids.
Process pumps supply the cleaning water in the Hydrodynamic Generator. Ejectors inside of the Hydrodynamic Generator highly saturate the water with oxygen from the air. In addition, HDG creates the necessary conditions for the formation of cavitation (water is supplied with a rated flow speed and pressure). Cavitation appears because of the local reduction of pressure in the fluid by increasing its speed (hydrodynamic cavitation).
When the local fluid pressure at a certain point falls below the value corresponding to the saturated vapor pressure at a given ambient temperature, the liquid passes into another aggregate state to form primarily the phase voids called cavitation bubbles. Cavitation physical process is similar to the process of boiling liquid.

The main difference between them lies in the fact that the boiling liquid phase change occurs at an average of the volume of fluid pressures are equal to the saturated vapor pressure, whereas the average cavitation fluid pressure above the saturated vapor pressure and the pressure drop is local. The effect makes insolubilization of most of the dissolved substances in the initial water and partially disinfects it. In addition, due to the abundant oxygen saturation metals contained in the 

water (i.e. iron, manganese etc.) is oxidized followed by coagulation of water impurities (the process of enlargement of tiny colloidal and dispersed particles because of their mutual agglutination by molecular attraction forces).

Water from HDG goes to the divider that performs a partial de-aeration (i.e. removal of excess air) and returns the rated volume of treated water in the CMT, to provide flotation and the beginning of oxidation and coagulation in the crude water. 

The main flow of water from the divider goes to Coagulator. Coagulator is a reservoir with several technological barriers and overflows where coagulation is completed by aggregating flakes, and separating them from the liquid.

Coagulator must not be backwashed systematically except in cases of maintenance and repair works) that provides much more rapid sedimentation of smallest colloidal particles in the flakes contained inside of Coagulator to reduce the time of the coagulation process and to increase the efficiency of water purification. Water from Coagulator goes into the Sediments Collector that is the decoloring filter with the bed of quartz sand of various fractions. Water goes from bottom to top that traps flakes generated in Coagulator due to gravity and choking particles in the bed gaps. More than that the effectiveness of particle settling increases as the filling of spaces between particles of the bed because this provides finer trap small dispersed and colloidal particles that have not reached the required size during coagulation By filling Sediments Collector are backwashed with clean water.

The washing frequency may be estimated by weight, knowing the content of impurities in water and purified water after cleaning, but by also using instruments by setting the critical level of pressure reduction at the water outlet of the Sediments Collector as compared with the inlet pressure.

Water from Sediments Collector goes to the Collecting Tank and further to the consumer. 

In fact that water has a high grade of differences for various locations and requirements for purified water are changing for diverse purposes it is hard to achieve all goals with one system. That is why the ENERVOXA system was designed flexibly in mind with an ability to extend it depends on customer requirements. 

For example, depending on the length of the water pipe network, its technical and sanitary conditions the water must be decontaminated by any well-known method (UV, chlorination, fluorination or others).

Seawater desalination is requiring setting up a fine treatment stage based on reverse osmosis technology. In that case, the CAVITECATM system reduces the Total Dissolved Solids up to 40%-60%. This is by far simplify operational conditions of reverse osmosis and dramatically reduce consumption of power and materials by its. The estimated savings with the use of the CAVITECATM system is about 3 times lower compare with the standard installation of reverse osmosis.

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