Coal to Liquid Fuel

Exclusive Rights

Complaint with EU emission Standards

ENERVOXA holds the exclusive rights to an innovative and proven conversion technology developed by our scientists’ partners after years of research and hard work we will use row material – brown coal, wood chips, used oil, rubber tires, fluff and non-recyclable plastics, as our primarily feed stock in an efficient, environmentally friendly, emission free process a green, clean, liquid petroleum products such as diesel/ EN590/B100/EN14214. ENERVOXA will guarantee the technology’s performance levels with an insurance policy that will hedge ENERVOXA’s investors from technology related production shortfalls.
ENERVOXA’s technology complies with stringent European Union environmental standards for waste processing and fuel refinery facilities. The system demonstrates the ability to meet or exceed environmental standards in accordance with Ontario Ministry of the Environment regulations. By converting municipal solid waste. Synthetic fuel produced by ENERVOXA provides an environmentally responsible alternative to fossil fuels both in terms of the impact of production and consumption on the environment. Increased production levels will allow ENERVOXA to take advantage of economies of scale in terms of power and labour costs.

The end product is Synthetic Diesel. Synthetic Diesel is a clear liquid, without unpleasant odor or handling characteristics, of virtually the same viscosity as mineral fossil diesel oil. For this reason, it may be used in a standard diesel engine without additional modifications. It may also be blended with petro-diesel to improve the quality of the latter. Biodiesel or Methyl Ester as its also known is a clean-burning and renewable fuel alternative to mineral diesel. Synthetic Diesel ‘s physical and chemical properties are very similar to normal diesel, so it can be mixed and used as a blend with Derv (Diesel Engine Road Vehicle)

Synthetic Diesel

Same Viscosity as Mineral Fossil Diesel Oil

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