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Enervoxa’s technologies are designed to process different types of waste & biomass into electricity or refuse derived fuel while supplying a complete turn-key solution for efficient zero waste management. We deploy our innovative technologies globally to improve economic production, reduce emissions and produce electricity and Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) from waste and sludge. Our mission is to provide cheap, clean consumable power and natural resources in emerging markets, preserving health, jobs, assets and economic growth while having no impact on the environment

Enervoxa Waste Conversion technology is a technology used for the treatment and recycling of solid and liquid refuse material.  This is a self-contained system capable of performing the following functions: pasteurization of organic waste; sterilization of pathogenic or biohazard waste; grinding and pulverization of refuse into unrecognizable output; trash compaction; dehydration. 

Enervoxa Inc. technology is designed to process ANY types of industrial waste, municipal solid waste to be processed into electricity. For medium to large scale waste to energy projects to achieve the best results, it is highly recommendable to run a preliminary assessment study before supplying a complete turn-key solution as the results of efficient waste utilization is highly dependent on numerous chemical and physical parameters of waste

During the stage the final technological solution, which may involve the integration of conversion technology in existing infrastructure (for example using some of the already landfilled waste) and facilities takes place, Enervoxa may also be used to process the ash and other by-products to produce organic fertilizers.  In this case, Enervoxa can significantly reduce the operating costs and the volume of landfilled waste.

Enervoxa Inc. is highly committed to its technology and believes it could bring very fast and substantial economic benefits to its partners and clients. To control and speed up build-to-market time and guarantee quality assurance, 

The Electricity production plant will process organic waste materials abundantly found in municipal solid waste such as food, plant material, and paper. The efficient output of Enervoxa’s plants will depend on a steady input of organic waste. The processing rate of the technology is 17 tons of waste material input per hour to produce 8.5 MW per hour and 12 MW of thermal energy. Conversion occurs as a closed chemical gasification conversion process and will produce acceptable emission levels as defined by the Ministry of the Environment regulations. 

Enervoxa’s technology complies with stringent Canadian environmental standards for waste to electricity processing. Increased production levels will allow Enervoxa to take advantage of economies of scale in terms of power and labor costs.

Municipal Solid Waste
into Energy
Residual Plastic
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Wood Waste
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Agriculture Waste
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Hazardous waste
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Animal Waste
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Closed Production Cycles

Noise: 54-59DB(A)

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Focused on the Sustainable Development Goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all"


Leading to win, managing for results, and proactively competing and connecting with the external environment.


We leverage the remarkable diversity of people across the world to achieve our purpose of refreshing the world and making a difference.

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We focus on providing efficient energy solutions stimulating economic development globally.


Our Innovation teams are on a lookout and quest for the next environmental tech technologies.


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Enervoxa is a multi-integrated infrastructure and renewable energy construction company based in Canada with its operations worldwide.