Greening of Arid Lands

Effective vs Potential Fertility

Efficient Application

Restoring the Lost Fertility

The fertility of desert and arid land – the essence of the problem to be solved by us. Experts from many countries are working on one of the most urgent problems to stop deserts from approaching and use unsuitable and arid lands for the benefit of mankind. Develops various technologies of irrigation and landscaping the arid and saline areas, aimed at the possibility of their arts and crafts and agricultural use and application of the local people. One should distinguish between effective and potential fertility. The first is expressed by the number of useful elements referred from the soil and the crop appears in terms of the yield, that is, it is determined by the supply of nutrients in the soil, which are in the form of unrealized. The value of effective fertility is very dynamic because it affects used tillage used fertilizers, pesticides, land reclamation activities, the weather conditions.

A more stable value has potential fertility. It expresses the common stock of nutrients in the soil in the form of unrealized. The limiting element is the minimum. The potential fertility is a measure of relatively constant as change is mostly slow. Total fertility is seen as the sum of potential and effectiveness.

Do not provide the necessary level of potential soil fertility, especially its main indicator – humus, we cannot count on the highest manifestation of effective fertility. A significant portion of planted using known and actively used technologies of trees and plants in the drylands do not take root, and require them to periodically re-transplantation, which leads to permanent additional expenses on the same “plot of land”.

The most efficient and promising desert gardening technology, allowing fully restore the lost fertility of arid, exhausted and salinized soil, developed by experts of the company Enervoxa Inc. it based on natural qualities and complementary properties of the natural organic ingredients – peat, sapropel, brown coal, and composts. We have developed the new ones, which have no analogs in the world concentrated natural organic products, powdered humic soil. When mixed with local dried and salinization in certain proportions, it reproduces and provides the functions of black fertile survival, growth, and development of all planted trees, shrubs, and plants.

Created with the help of humic soils ecosystem is self-sufficient and self-developing. In strict compliance with the implementation of technology development company Enervoxa Inc., created ecosystem leads to the full restoration of the once-lost natural soil fertility. Any desert gardening technology demands plenty of fresh irrigation water desalination systems and irrigation systems. However, in contrast to all other existing technologies, the consumption of water by using our technology, the reduced on average by 10 times. It occurs due to unique and specific properties to accumulate and retain moisture powdered Soil. The effect has the diaper powder soul does not allow irrigation water to leave in the sand and evaporation from the soil surface slows down sharply.

Our technology significantly reduces the need for irrigation water at the same time significantly reduced the use of various kinds of chemical, mineral, and organic fertilizers. Dry and lifeless soil gradually and inevitably begins to turn into fertile soil, suitable not only for trees, bushes, and plant species but also for future agricultural use of the land is fully restored. Our technology is the only known today a comprehensive system of full recovery and rebuilding soil fertility

Self Healing Fertile Soil

Due to its unique degreasing and runs a self-developing and self-regulating mechanism of the natural balance of ecological interaction soil – plant, leading to the unconditional re-establishment of a favorable and fertile ecosystem.

Our technology provides restoration and reconstruction of the structure of fertile soil where it was broken up by various effects of natural or man-made or not there before at all. 

 Our technology is the only one to date desert gardening technology, the basic component of which is not water. The unique water-retaining effect of powdered soil eliminates the daily watering of established plants and move to a new method of watering no more than twice a week. This reduces the average of 10 times, not only the consumption of expensive desalinated water but also greatly reduces the cost of its acquisition.

Our technology is not only better and faster than others known desert gardening technology copes with the task but also that much important, requires much less financial expenses for its use. The money is also saved on the fact that, unlike other technologies, desert gardening planted technology trees and plants have a significantly higher percentage of survival. That is, we do not have a few years to re-invest a similar amount in the planting plot of land previously.

Self Healing Fertile Soil

The main functions of the technology are:

• Restore agro-physical and agrochemical and fertile properties of the arid, exhausted and salinized soils, disturbed by natural processes or human activities.

• Creation of a fertile layer of earth in the desert and arid areas with a view to their subsequent arts and crafts and agricultural applications and use.

• Continuous maintenance of productivity recreated fertile soils during its intensive agricultural use.

All this is achieved thanks to the unique technology using the experience of the rich natural and special quality of natural eco-friendly organic products powdered humic soil, easy to use and safe for humans, animals and plants. The technology focused on desert and arid areas and has high moisture saving properties.

Application of technology to give a great economic effect in terms of significant reduction of the cost of watering and fertilizing plants. It lets in some cases completely abandon the use of the additional various chemical, mineral and organic fertilizers. Creates a new quality of the land to its owner, transforming desert into fertile land, ie, It is an important component of the investment and effective investment. For comparison, take the value of 1-hectare desert and 1-hectare fertile land.

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