Green Coal Technology

Significant Efficiency

Complaint with EU emission Standards

ENERVOXA possesses a new technology that allows delivering a significant increase of efficiency in fossil power generation. There are two main applications of this technology – conversion of Power Plants (PP) from natural gas to coal and modernization of coal PP to a fuel type – Coal Water Slurry (CWS).  In the first case, the conversion allows significant optimization of fuel cost (1000 m3 of natural gas could be substituted with around 2.1 tons of coal that in current European prices could lead to a saving of 200-250 USD per tonne). In the second case of coal PP modernization, our technology allows for a fuel reduction of 5-12% (and hence for proportionate CO2

The technology can be used to upgrade existing mature Thermal Power Plants into modern level power generation facilities that are fully compliant with all EU environmental emission standards (2016) at a fraction of the cost compared to brownfield projects. For example, 1 MW of modernized capacity could cost around 50-80K euro vs. 1,200 – 1,500k Euro for mainstream power generation. The technology can potentially be applied to 20 000 MW of stalled capacity of fossil power generation in the EU

ENERVOXA has hired Tractebel Engineering (GdF SUEZ) to prepare a detailed study on the technical feasibility of modernization of infrastructure to accommodate coal and prepare liquid fuel (CWS), convert boilers to CWS fuel combustion using vortex burning, new flue gas treatment technology to fully comply with the new EU standards for emissions. Tractebel Engineering (TE) has concluded that the project is highly technically feasible and exceptionally attractive economically.

External Assessment

Economically Attractive

Competitive Edge

In Line with EU emission Standards

Favorable Economic Impact

It is easy to compare the relative costs of using a CWS against traditional coal or oil firing because the price of the CWS itself varies according to the coal price, the location of the plant, and/or the plant capacity etc. The economic advantage compared to pulverized coal is however indicated by significant 

reduction in handling cost by simplifying facilities required for loading and unloading activities.

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