Organic & Mineral Fertilizers​

Protective Attributes

Insoluble Complex Compounds

INFLUENCE ON THE SOIL is the additional structuring with improved colloidal properties for ensures water-air regime of the soil with simultaneous fixing of labile the potassium ion is the most important macronutrient. Optimization mode and structure of soil contribute to the activation of microflora activity, providing the necessary plants available forms of nitrogen and phosphorus, two other important macro-elements.

Humates have a protective attribute due to the formation of insoluble complex compounds with ions of heavy metals and strontium, minimizing their involvement in the metabolism of plants.  From the standpoint of influence on the plant’s, humates act at the cellular level, change the permeability of cell membranes, increases the activity of enzymes and speed of physiological and biochemical processes, stimulate the processes of respiration, synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates. The use of drugs leads to higher productivity, especially in adverse climatic conditions.

Humates increase the resistance of plants to stresses caused by both climatic conditions and the treatment of pesticides. Being a non-specific activator of the immune system, humates increases the resistance of plants to various diseases. Humin preparations stimulate the development of the root system. Regulate the root and foliar nutrition, improve the flow of nutrients and minerals from the soil solution in a plant. Thus, increases the ratio of consumption of mineral fertilizers, which gives possible to reduce the dose of mineral fertilizers by 30-50%, which allows to reduction costs, and already at the stage of application of mineral fertilizers to save considerable funds. In addition, the application of humin fertilizers, with a smaller dose of mineral fertilizers, reducing the concentration of nitrates in the production and actually get clean and ecologically safe products. Fertilizing of plants during the growing season humates, can significantly speed up the process of photosynthesis, ensure rapid development of leaf area and root system, increase bookmark larger number of reproductive organs. Increases the growth rate and marketable biomass decreased maturation time. When the starch content is increased, gluten, oil or sugar, leads to improving the quality of the crop.

How Does it Work

Treatment of inoculum should be produced together with liquid ballast humates (8-10l stock solution of sodium HUMATE concentration of 2.5% (25g/l) per one ton of seeds), which allows increasing the degree of adhesion of crickets to the grain, «Wake up» the seed, to strengthen the processes of germination, allows to raise the stability of seedlings and plants at the first stages of life to adverse conditions.

Organic Mineral Fertilizers activate the biochemical processes in plants (respiration, photosynthesis, and chlorophyll content) and increase the quality and yield of many crops. It is clear that humic acids are a benefit to the farmer. If compared the returns liquid Organic Mineral Fertilizers 1 liter and 1 kg of ammonium nitrate, the obtained data, such as a 1-liter increase grain obtained not less than 200 kg and 1 kg of ammonium nitrate increase grain only 3-4 kg. The presence of Organic Mineral Fertilizers complexes determines the mobility of almost all trace elements is available, and traffic in organs of the plant.

 The main minerals are consumed by plants in very small quantities, measured in thousandths or even hundreds of thousand shares of a percent, but are essential for their development. Each of these micronutrients plays its own role, but in some cases, they can replace each other.

Boron treats some diseases, increases the amount of the ovaries, preventing them from falling off, enhances the development of the reproductive organs, increases the number of vitamins in fruits, and promotes better development of vascular influences the activity of several enzymes. Boron increases the yield of sugar beet, the sugar content in the roots, the harvest of peas, broad beans, harvest flax fiber, flax seeds, and fiber quality.

Manganese is indispensable in the process of photosynthesis, the formation of ascorbic acid is found in many enzymes, and increases the yield of sugar beet and sugar in it. Copper activates protein synthesis, provides drought and frost resistance of plants, resistance to fungal and viral diseases, is part of a series of enzymes. In general, positive effect on the protein and carbohydrate metabolism of plants. Zinc is a component of many enzymes involved in the processes of fertilization, respiration, synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates. Molybdenum is important in the processes of assimilation of nitrogen from the air, is part of an enzyme involved in the restoration of nitrate-nitrogen to ammonia, stimulates the nitrogen-fixing bacteria, such as nodule, and free-living. Increases the yield of corn, peas, and beans, vetch, fodder lupine, clover, and meadow hay, a positive effect on the yield of cauliflower.

Cobalt is essential for the life of root nodule bacteria. Required for legumes, which are in need of cobalt in the process of nitrogen fixation. 

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